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West Tennessee Consulting is a professional services firm, specializing in consulting for IT infrastructure, software implementations, and traditional IT services. We provide consultation on cost-effective solutions for reducing expenses across any IT infrastructure configuration. This includes reducing your Operational Expenses (OpEx) over time, compared to securing and managing your own talent. Our unique approach combines the best of both worlds: autonomous experts capable of delivering tailored IT solutions with rapid efficiency, without the complexities and commitments of hiring.

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Unlike other organizations, we prioritize the people we are going to serve above any solution. Our approach combines security with people, meaning that we can build secure solutions that work for your organization.

Why Partner With Us?

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If you think Technology with a focus on Security and People has a place in your organization, please contact us so we can get started.



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West Tennessee Consulting believes that using multiple providers offers the best possible outcome for our clients. By utilizing various providers, rather than relying on a single provider, our clients can optimize their use of different features and services that would be difficult or impossible to replicate elsewhere.

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Our tight-knit team of over 10 consultants is based in Memphis, TN, with a presence in many major metropolitan areas, and specializes in tailoring positive business outcomes to the organizations we work with.